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Hangzhou Rights Network reporter received a consumer complaint: own money Coke In drinking out of insects, Coca-Cola Company did not have to be solved, the company is dragging its feet on this issue, dealing with very bad attitude.

2010 4 5 at noon, Mr. Wang Wan-green food in the city of Zhoushan Dinghai dinner, during which point a bottle of 600 ml packs Coca-Cola , When the feeling is not drink gas, thinking it will be expired products, then view the production date, not where to find the production date, but found that bottle greasy, dark, and you look closely, actually have two dead insects in the mouth of the spiral mouth stained, nausea, stomach Dunjue a while, then called hotel owner, hotel owner known to the person in charge of Coca-Cola factory, the factory has some verbal explanation that more than ten dollars meal money paid by her calculations.

Wang satisfied, claiming the two thousand dollars.
Wang proposed to solve the Zhoushan Consumers Association, and the other agreed, but along the way Coca-Cola has an excuse to leave the staff, over the last couple of hours, CASE staff to get Coca-Cola staff and proposed to accompany Mr. Wang went to the hospital examination, can not think of another excuse to free itself from the other side, then immediately leave.

The worm's Coca-Cola Coordination of the two sides fail to settle the compensation not a

Next day, Mr. Wang through the company's headquarters here in Hangzhou and Crafts get another one in the factory Dinghai responsible Yujing Li, Yujing Li said; losing money is not possible, you can lose 10 bottles or a case of Coca-Cola, Wang , said: "Negotiations on his light and you spent three 40 yuan phone bills, this thing is no rest, day and a half before and after the delay, last night, also pulled his stomach, not a point of losing it."

Yujing Li said: "Our company has provided the most to lose by this, of course, if you are what city leaders will certainly be a special treat."

When Wang made without compensation on complaints to the media.
Coca-Cola executives Yu said: "The last is also encounter a complaint as you said, and later, nothing has gone, the last to nothing."

Mr. Wang could not go on that again, got up and left angrily.
Mr. Wang told reporters: "He can not figure, are ordinary consumers encounter such a thing as being such a pass on it?

Coca-Cola: "there are provisions for compensation"
Hangzhou Hangzhou Network's call to the office of Director Chen Chui company to verify the situation. Director Chen said that the matter does exist, companies and consumers have been resolved through consultation on many occasions, as the consumer has requested compensation for 1,800 yuan, the company can not agree, they had not resolved, Coca-Cola official said: According to the Consumer Act to a lost 10, now has agreed to pay three boxes cola, consumers still can not accept, the company will continue consultation. But Yujing Li said, "is the city led to special treatment," Director Chen verified and told reporters, "Yujing Li has not said so."

How to solve things! Hangzhou will continue to focus on network news.
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Coca-cola Drink The Worm To Compensation But Also Of Identity - Coca-cola, Insects, Compensation -

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This article was published on 2010/11/06