Daily Affirmations - What You Can Learn From Ads and TV Commercials

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We might say that ads and commercials have no effect on us whatsoever, but that's not really true. An ad may not compel you to rush out and buy a certain product, but it still influences you, however small the effect may be. For example, have you ever had an annoying jingle stuck in your head? Have you found yourself wandering into the kitchen after watching a food-related commercial? That's the power of advertising.

Coca Cola doesn't leave its success to chance: The company spends billions of dollars on advertising every year. But all those ads and commercials aren't just about getting new customers to drink Coke. Most people know about Coca Cola and have at least tried it. The thing is, Coca Cola wants people to keep drinking Coke. This repetition keeps Coca Cola fresh on everyone's minds. If Coca Cola slacked off on the advertising department, the company wouldn't be such a giant.

You may not switch to Geico just because you've listened to all the advertisements for it. But the next time you're ready to switch to another insurance company, Geico is counting on you to think of them first!

Daily affirmations work a lot like advertisements. The power lies in not just the message that's being conveyed, but the repetition of it. The more the message is repeated, the more it lodges itself in your mind. Repeating an affirmation to yourself is a little like playing a commercial in your head over and over again: You're trying to "sell" yourself on something. You're making your unconscious mind believe that you really CAN be successful, happy, healthy, thin, wealthy, or whatever it is you want to achieve. After a while, this becomes an automatic belief.

Keep repeating positive affirmations to yourself, and eventually your unconscious mind will accept them as part of your reality. It's better than listening to an annoying jingle for breakfast cereal!

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Daily Affirmations - What You Can Learn From Ads and TV Commercials

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This article was published on 2010/04/01